The members of the Association shall be divided into:

(a) Full Member
1 Any medical practitioner who is a fellow of the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine, or its equivalent, and is engaged in work relating to obesity; or
2 Any scientist or allied health professional with publications in the field of obesity; or
3 Any scientist or allied health professional who is actively engaged in work relating to obesity may be eligible for full membership of the Association.
Each Full Member is required to take an active part in promoting the objects of the Association. The Subscribers to the Memorandum of Association shall be Full Member of the Association.

(b) Associate Member
Any medical practitioner, scientist, or allied health professional who is interested in obesity and who is not qualified to be a Full Member may be eligible to become an Associate Member. Associate members shall enjoy all the privileges of the Full Members of the Association except the rights of voting and, if elected, holding office.

(c) Life Member
Any Full Member may become a Life Member upon payment of HK$2,000 or such amounts as may be decided upon by the Council from time to time. A Life Member shall enjoy the same privileges as a Full Member except that a Life Member shall not be required to pay annual subscription fees.

Annual subscription
Full Member HK$ 200.00
Associate Member HK$ 100.00